Brightspace Overview

Are you tired of managing multiple platforms and wasting time on administrative tasks? 

At Savvas, we understand the struggles of modern-day teaching and learning, which is why we designed our integration with Brightspace to simplify both teaching and learning.

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Teaching and learning made simple

Simplify student learning

No more logging into multiple platforms or searching for materials. With Savvas Realize, your students are ready on day one and have access to their Savvas assignments right from Brightspace.

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Easily build a unique learning path with the Savvas Realize Discover tool

Build your course content right in Brightspace using the Savvas Realize Discover external tool. Quickly find and add Savvas assignments to your Brightspace course. 

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Save time. Review and grade right in Brightspace with grade pass back.

Review in progress and completed student work and score open ended responses from Brightspace.

Savvas Realize automatically syncs student grades with the Brightspace gradebook for both auto-scored and teacher scored assignments. 

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Make data driven decision with Savvas Realize data reports.

Stay informed about how your students are performing. View standards mastery analysis or question analysis using Savvas Realize data reports.

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What sets Savvas apart from the rest

Build a course once and share it with teachers.

We understand how much thought and time you put into building your courses. That is why we built the Savvas integration so that you can build your course content once and share it with teachers across your school district.

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Manage your rosters right in Brightspace without the need to sync roster files

With Savvas there is no Student Information System (SIS) co-roster requirement where you have to sync matching SIS data to both Brightspace and Savvas. 

Savvas automatically rosters classes based on the data from your courses in Brightspace. This gives you flexibility to manage your class rosters in Brightspace.

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1EdTech Certified

Savvas Realize is integrated with Buzz using the latest and most advanced 1EdTech LMS integration standard, LTI-Advantage.

Learn how LTI-Advantage (LTI 1.3) protects sensitive student data with the enhanced security, flexibility, and scalability. 


Savvas won the Overall LMS Solution Provider the Year by EdTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that analyzes and recognizes the industry leaders in the educational technology market.