Share links with Seesaw

Teachers: How to create a link to a Savvas Realize assignment using Seesaw

Teachers can share an assignment by simply going to the Realize assignment and click on Share Link.

Then click the Copy Link button to add the link to your clipboard.

Open Seesaw and click on Create Activity or Assessment.

Select Link Resource.

Paste the share link you copied from the Savvas Realize assignment into the input box and then click the green check to save.

Seesaw creates an image for the link.

Note: Seesaw is unable to access your course within Savvas Realize and, as a result, cannot capture a snapshot of the assignment. Instead, Seesaw will only capture the Savvas login page.

If your Seesaw activity includes links to secure content which requires a login, please consider reaching out to Seesaw to inform them about this issue, as the snapshot image functionality may not work as expected in such cases.

Optional step: To address the above issue, you have the option to overlay an additional image on top of the Savvas login page snapshot. You can select any image of your choice for this purpose. For instance, you can capture a snapshot of the assignment using Snipping Tool or a similar application and then paste it into your Seesaw activity. This workaround will help provide a visual representation of the assignment, even when a login is required.

Resize the image to fit the screen. You can also add text to the activity.

When you are done, click the green check to save and move to the next step.

Complete the remaining steps and click Save when you are done.

Once saved, Seesaw will show you the completed activity in your My Library.

Students: How to access the assignment

Have the student select the Savvas Realize assignment activity within Seesaw.

The student will see the activity and can click on the image to launch Savvas Realize.

Students will only be challenged with a new log in only if the student is not already signed into Savvas in another tab. 

If your school or district has Single Sign-On with Savvas, students will just need to click on the "Sign in with your school district" to sign in.

The student is brought to their assignment in Savvas Realize. Here the student can complete their Savvas Realize assignment.