Linking your LMS account to your Savvas account

Most school districts are configured so that all teachers and students using the LMS are linked to their existing Savvas accounts. If Savvas cannot automatically make a match based on a common unique identifier between your LMS and Savvas, the teacher or student will be asked to log into their Savvas account one time to link their LMS account to their Savvas account as shown below.

Step by step directions

Note: In the directions below we are using Canvas as an example. The same steps apply to Schoology as well.

If Savvas was unable to automatically match you or one of your students to their Savvas account, they will be promoted to login to their Savvas account to link their account. This is a one time activity.

Click on Begin to start the process.

You will be prompted to login. For some school districts, there may be more than one way for users log in. The District Login is for districts that have implemented an auto-rostering solution and may be either a Single Sign-On or direct login (defined username & password) to EasyBridge. Be sure to select this option if you have either an EasyBridge Plus or Auto user account.

If your account was manually created and you normally log into Savvas Realize directly with a Savvas username and password, then you will want to use the Savvas Realize Direct Login. Be sure to select this option if you are EasyBridge Basic.

Depending on how you log into Savvas, you will see slightly different screens. In the example below the user, Charlie, selected District Login.  Charlie's district uses Single Sign On. Charlie is brought to his school district's Single Sign On page which is PowerSchool. 

Note: If Charlie was already logged in this screen would be skipped since he is already logged into PowerSchool, his school's Single Sign On provider.

If you or your student do not have an account please see:

Once you are logged into Savvas, Savvas asks you to confirm that the account you logged into is you. Click Yes, this is my account to confirm that you logged into the right account.

If you were logged into the wrong account please see: I signed into the wrong Savvas account

You will get a confirmation page letting you know that the match was made. Click on Continue to close this window and to go back to your LMS.

In Canvas simply click the Continue button to see the Savvas content.

After you click Continue, you will now see the Savvas content you or your student was accessing.

Account matching is a one time event. Once an account is linked you never need to do this again.