How do I add a product to my class so I can add content from My Library

If you activated the class set up in Savvas Realize by clicking a Savvas item in your LMS course for the very first time and the item is an item from My Library you may get the error below:

How resolve this issue

This issue results from the fact that customized content is not associated to any specific Savvas program. For the initial class setup, Realize needs a program context to be present, but that is not the case when you click on customized content. 

To correct this issue, simply open any non-customized Savvas content item within any Savvas program. Ensure that you are not clicking on customized content or any content in My Library. Once you click on a Savvas-provided and non-customized content item, the class set up process will be successfully triggered in Savvas Realize. If you do not have any Savvas program items in your class, simply add one and open the item to active the class set up in Savvas Realize.