Make the assignment bigger

Often times the Savvas content doesn't fit in the Canvas frame. For example you might see content that opens like this:

There are two options:

In Canvas you can select to open an assignment in a new window so that the assignment can open in the full screen mode and is not limited to the window within Canvas.

Just click Edit Assignment and click on "Load This Tool In A New Window" option.

When students open the assignment they will be given a button to open the assignment in a new browser tab.

2. Open the assignment inside Canvas and use my browser to zoom out

If you want students to stay in Canvas and not open a new tab, you can tell students to set their browser zoom to 80% or less. The Canvas frame is a fixed size and by making the text smaller helps it fit better. 

3. Open a customer support ticket with Canvas

It is true that not all Savvas content can fit in the limited iFrame of Canvas. However, it is possible for an LMS like Canvas to give the teacher or student the ability to make the iFrame larger. 

Schoology allows a user to expand the Savvas content in the iFrame as seen below.

Now the iFrame is full screen.

Please let Canvas know that the iFrame that contains the content is too small for most items and that other LMS solutions like Schoology do not have this issue. Other LMSs have a larger iFrame and allow the user to open the iFrame in full width mode.