Savvas Realize and Google Classroom Overview

Are you tired of managing multiple platforms and wasting time on administrative tasks? 

At Savvas, we understand the struggles of modern-day teaching and learning, which is why we designed our integration with Google Classroom to simplify both teaching and learning.

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Teaching and learning made simple

Simplify student learning

No more need to log into multiple platforms or searching for materials. 

With Savvas Realize, your students are ready from day one to find and launch their Savvas assignments right from Google Classroom.

Rostering made easy

No more need for manual rostering or syncing issues.

With just a few clicks you can import your class from Google Classroom; Savvas Realize will automatically stay up to date with any changes you make in Google Classroom. 

Automatic assignment syncing

When you assign content in Realize, whether it’s to the whole class or individual students, Realize automatically sends the assignments to Google Classroom. It’s that quick and easy.

Save time with grade pass back

At Savvas, we understand that you have enough on your plate without having to worry about manually entering grades into your gradebook. 

That's why the Savvas Realize integration with Google Classroom automatically passes the grades to your Google Classroom gradebook, saving you time.

Make data driven decision with Savvas Realize data reports

Stay informed about how your students are performing. View standards mastery analysis or question analysis using Savvas Realize data reports.