Google Classroom Releases

January 2024

Add students to Savvas Realize assignments directly from Google Classroom

You can now easily add students to Savvas Realize assignments directly from Google Classroom, streamlining your workflow and ensuring seamless access for learners. When students launch the assignment from their Google Classroom class, they'll automatically be enrolled in the corresponding Savvas Realize assignment.

September 2023

Return a Savvas assessment back to the student

Teachers will be able to return a student's completed Savvas assessment back to the student by changing the assignment status from Completed to In Progress. For more information on how to return assessments back to students click here.

August 2023

Savvas Realize Grades Now Adjusted to Match Google Classroom Max Score

Starting August 29th 2023, grades passed back to Google Classroom will be adjusted to match the max score set in the Google Classroom assignment. This means that you and your students will now see their grades in Google Classroom accurately reflect their performance on Savvas Realize assignments.

For example, if you set the max score for the Savvas Realize "Quiz 1" in Google Classroom to 20, Savvas Realize will adjust a student who received 80% on the quiz to a score of 16 out of 20 in Google Classroom

LTI-Advantage LOR integration with Safari Montage (pilot phase only)

Savvas now supports an integration with Safari Montage's Learning Object Repository (LOR) integration using LTI-Advantage. The new integration allows a district to manage their Savvas content in Safari Montage where they can create playlists, curriculum maps, or find content by standards. 

Districts who use Canvas can use the Safari Montage Discover tool to add Savvas content found in Safari Montage to their Canvas courses.