Disconnect a Realize class from Google Classroom

If you imported a Google Classroom class into Realize or if you linked one of your Realize auto-rostered classes to Google Classroom, you are able to disconnect your Realize class from Google Classroom. 

Once disconnected, the class will remain in Realize however Realize will no longer sync assignments to Google Classroom.

Navigate to the class you imported from Google Classroom in Realize. 

Click Settings.

Click Disconnect Google Class.

Depending on if you are disconnecting a Google Classroom imported class OR a linked auto-rostered class from Google you will get one of the two screens below.

Read the confirm the warnings and then click Confirm Disconnect.

Important: If you disconnect a Realize class that is associated with other teachers from a Google Classroom class, the class will be disconnected for those teachers as well.

You will be brought back to the settings page of the class you just disconnected from Google Classroom. 

Note: There is no way to reconnect the class to Google Classroom.  

Additional information for classes imported from Google Classroom

Important: If you imported a class from Google classroom and disconnected it and then re-import the same class from Google Classroom, Realize will create a second copy of the class. The new imported class will not contain the assignments from the previous class.