September 2023

Return a Savvas assessment back to the student

Teachers will be able to return a student's completed Savvas assessment back to the student by changing the assignment status from Completed to In Progress.

July 2023

New student assignment user experience

The student assignment page has been updated and students can now

from their LMS course.

Updated Savvas Realize Discover tool

The Savvas Realize Discover tool has been updated with the Realize improved user experience for the:

Integration with D2L Brightspace

Savvas Realize is now integrated with the D2L Brightspace LMS using LTI-Advantage.

July 2022

Savvas program discussion prompts

Teachers and course designers can now preview discussion prompts inside the Savvas Realize Discover and copy the prompt to use it with their LMS course discussion board.

Integration with Agilix Buzz

Savvas Realize is now integrated with the Agilix Buzz LMS using LTI-Advantage.

January 2022

Savvy adaptive assignments

Teachers can now find and assign Savvy adaptive assignments to their LMS courses using the Realize Discover tool.

November 2022

Teachers can now review and score student work right within their LMS course. Learn more.

June 2022

Savvas allows teachers and students to join a class in a school they do not already belong to

Students and teachers can now be rostered in a class that is in a school the student or teacher doesn't already belong to, even if their user account is linked to their auto-rostered account in Savvas.

Savvas Realize uses the latest content version

The first student to access a Savvas item in an LMS course triggers the class assignment to be created in Savvas Realize. When the assignment is create Savvas Realize will ensure that the latest version of the item is assigned. This means if copied Savvas items from a lesson or course that was built in previous years, your students will always get assigned the latest version.

April 2022

Canvas now has a whole new way of adding content from external tools. It will allow you to quickly and easily add multiple Savvas assignments. Learn more.

March 2022

Savvas Realize is now integrated with Schoology using the latest LTI-Advantage standard. Learn more about the features of the integration with Schoology.

December 2021

Roster and assignment syncing enhancements

October 2021

Add content from your Savvas Realize My Library

You can now add content from your My Library to your LMS course. This includes custom assessments, custom content, and content you added to your Playlists.

To learn more see the Add content from My Library tutorial.

July 30, 2021

Find Savvas content by table of contents

Quickly build your courses by finding content by the table of contents in the updated Savvas Realize Discover tool.

To learn more see the Add Savvas assignments tutorial.

Identifying the school your class belongs to

Teachers will be required to identify the school their Canvas class belongs to since LTI-A does not contain this information. 

Knowing what school your class belongs to allow Savvas to support school based licenses and reporting student performance by school.

To learn more see Why do I need to identify the school my course belongs to FAQ.

May 27, 2021

Add links to Savvas third party tools

Add content from Savvas third party tools including: