Grade pass back

Teaching is easier. Review and grade right in Schoology with grade pass back

When a student completes an assignment, Savvas Realize passes back to the Schoology Gradebook the students' score or indicates that the assignment was completed but requires teacher grading.

Teachers can review student work right within Schoology. For manually score student assignments teachers can review and score right in Schoology and the score is passed back to the Schoology gradebook.

Savvas adjusts the score to how you configured the the assignment in Schoology, giving you full control of how the grades appear in your gradebook.

Review and score student work

Right from your Schoology course, you can review and score student work.

Savvas Realize grade pass back

For any Savvas material that you set to be graded in Schoology, Savvas Realize will automatically pass the grade back to your Schoology gradebook for both auto-scored and teacher scored items.

Set the grade scale and weight in Schoology

Teachers can modify assignment settings to match their grading structure. Scores will automatically update to match the Teacher’s chosen grade scale and assignment weight.