Savvas Realize Discover tool

Build a unique learning path with Savvas Realize Discover external tool.

Build your courses quickly and easily right in Schoology with the Savvas Realize Discover external tool where you can find Savvas program content by:

Using the Savvas Realize external tool to add Savvas content is not only quick and easy, but Savvas also allows you to copy and share assignment which means you and your colleagues only need to build your Schoology course once. To learn more see: Copy and share Savvas assignments in Schoology

Find content by the Savvas program table of contents

You can find content for any Savvas program you are subscribed to by navigating the table of contents. You can select one or many items to add to your course.

Find content using search. 

The Savvas Realize Discover tool allows you to search for content across your different Savvas programs. You can use the filters as well as key words to find the content your are looking for. 

Add content from My Library

You can add content from your Savvas Realize My Library including any of your custom assessments and content along with items from you Playlists. 

With Savvas you can build custom assessments or content and share it with other teachers within Schoology.