How to add customized content to your Savvas Realize My Library and use in Schoology

The Savvas Realize Discover tool allows you to add content from your Savvas Realize My Library including:

Important: You cannot create My Library content directly inside of the Savvas Realize Discover tool while in Schoology. You will need to launch Savvas Realize from Schoology to add/manage content in My Library. Follow the directions below to see how.

Step by step instructions

Open up the Savvas Realize Course Connect application.

Click on My Library. If you have My Library items already, you will see them here. 

To add items to your My Library you will need to launch Savvas Realize by clicking the Launch Savvas Realize button. 

Select My Library.

From Savvas Realize you can now create My Library content including custom assessments, custom content and playlists.

Go back to Schoology where you should still see the Savvas Realize Discover tool. Click on Browse and then go back to the My Library tab to refresh the page. You will now see the items you created.

To add content to your "shopping cart" simply click on the + Import button for each item you want to add and then click the Import button.

Important: You cannot import the Playlist into Schoology. You can, however, add individual items from your Playlist.

You will now see the items in your Schoology course.