How to review and score student work

Teachers can review student work and score student work right within Schoology. Grades are automatically synced to the Schoology gradebook.

Step by step directions

Grade pass back

When a student turns in an assignment, Savvas Realize will pass back to the Schoology gradebook either:

In the example below, the "1-1: Student Edition Practice" needs to be manually scored by the teacher. Savvas Realize has left a comment notifying the teacher the activity was completed but is pending manual grading.

Opening the Savvas assignment to review and score

To review and score the student's work you will need to open the Savvas Realize assignment in Schoology. To do this, simply click on the material name to open up the assignment.

Now you see the Savvas Realize assignment review screen. Here you can:

By default you are brought to the Teacher's Preview.

Under Turned In you can see which students have turned in their assignment and if the grade is missing, you know that you need to give them a score.

To review and score the a student's assignment simply click on student's name.

Expanding the Savvas Realize assignment review screen

You can make the Savvas Realize review screen larger by simply clicking the expand button in Schoology:

You now will have the full screen width in Schoology to review the student's work. To exit out of full screen move click on the collapse button.

Review and score student work

There are many different assignment types and different types may have slightly different workflows. All you need to do is to select the student you want to grade. Once you select the student you can:

In the example below, the assignment is a PDF and needs to be manually scored by the teacher. The score is entered in the Score text field.

Click on Comments and scroll to the bottom to leave a comment to the student.

Grade pass back to Schoology

Once you provide a grade to the student or the assignment was auto-scored, Savvas Realize passes the grade back to your Schoology Gradebook. 

Schoology will convert the grade in Savvas Realize to the point scale you see in Schoology. It will also provide a comment, indicating the assignment is now fully graded.

Accessing View Data screens

As of now you will have to open the assignment in Savvas Realize to get to the View Data screens. To open the assignment in Savvas Realize simply click on the Savvas Realize button.

Now that you are viewing the assignment in Realize, can you now see the View Data option.