How to add Revision Assistant by Turnitin

If you are adding Revision Assistant by Turnitin there are additional steps you will need to take to setup the Revision Assistant assignment within your Schoology course. Below we show you have to setup your Revision Assistant assignment.

Step by step directions

Adding a Revision Assistant assignment

Open up the Savvas Realize Course Connection app and select the Revision Assistant program.

Note: If you did not subscribe to the Revision Assistant program, click on your name and go to My Programs where you can add the Revision Assistant program to the list of programs you are subscribed to.

Click on the Launch Revision Assistant item and then click the + Import button.

Click on Import to add the item to your Schoology course.

You will now see the Launch Revision Assistant material in your Schoology course.

If you select the Launch Revision Assistant material you will get the following error below. This is due to the fact that as a teacher you are not able to see the assignment preview within Schoology.

Triggering the class assignment creation in Savvas Realize

Only students trigger Savvas Realize to create a class assignment.  You will need to impersonate a student in your class by selecting Course Options and then View Course As.

Select any student in your class.

While viewing the course as the student, click on the Launch Revision Assistant material. 

When you see the following, that means that Savvas Realize has created the assignment. You can now click on Back to Course to exit the student view and return back to Schoology as the teacher.

Launching the Revision Assistant assignment from Savvas Realize

As the teacher, click on Launch Revision Assistant. 

Now you can now launch Revision Assistant by click on the Open in New Window button. 

Setting up the assignment in Revision Assistant

Now you are in Revision Assistant and it will ask you to to choose a prompt for the class assignment.

Select the prompt you want to use.

Review the prompt and then click Select Prompt.

Click on Create Assignment to complete the prompt selection.

You can click View Assignment to see the assignment.

You will see the prompt that is now been assigned.

Students accessing the Revision Assistant assignment from Schoology

To confirm you students can now see the assignment in Revision Assistant you can impersonate a student again by going to Course Options and View Course As.

Select the revision assistant material.

The student will be launched into Revision Assistant where they will see the assignment with the prompt you selected. 

Reviewing student work in Revision Assistant

Open the Launch Revision Assistant item in Schoology. In the Teacher's Preview or any student's assignment, click on the Open in New Window button to launch into Revision Assistant.

Once in the Revision Assistant application, select Student Progress to see how you students a progressing on the assignment.

Important: Students are added to the Revision Assistant assignment once they have launch into the Revision Assistant assignment.