How to use SimCheck by TurnItIn within Schoology

In this tutorial we go over how SimCheck by TurnItIn is used within Schoology.

Step by step directions

Accessing SimCheck

After you add the Launch SimCheck item to your class, click on the SimCheck assignment.

If you open the SimCheck assignment and no student has started working on it, Realize will display the following message:

"You must assign this item to launch."

This means that you cannot review any student submissions until they have started working on the assignment.

Realize will automatically create a class assignment for SimCheck once the first student accesses the SimCheck assignment in Schoology.

This means that you will need to wait for students to launch the assignment or you can use Student View to trigger the assignment to be created in Realize.

Later in this tutorial, we will show you how to launch SimCheck and review student submissions.

Student accessing SimCheck

After you add the SimCheck by TurnItIn (Plagiarism Checker) assignment to your Schoology course, your students will be able to launch SimCheck and submit their file to be checked for plagiarism. You can use View Course As to see the assignment from their perspective and test the process.

The student will be asked to open SimCheck in a new window.

Student must accept the user agreement before proceeding.

Important! Student must submit their files inside of SimCheck here:

Important! Students must submit their files to SimCheck directly, not to Realize. Adding a file to Realize will not submit it to the SimCheck plagiarism checker.

Once the student uploads their file in SimCheck, it will report back to the student their similarity score.

Important! After a student submits their file to SimCheck, they must also submit the assignment in Realize. SimCheck does not automatically report back to Realize that the assignment has been submitted.

When the student submits the assignment in Realize, Realize will send a notification to your Schoology gradebook.

Teacher reviewing student SimCheck submissions

To launch Turnitin SimCheck simply click on the SimCheck assignment. 

To launch Turnitin SimCheck click on Open in New Window.

You will now see the SimCheck assignment. 

Note: SimCheck will only add students to the assignment when they launch the SimCheck assignment for the first time.