Canvas: Savvas Realize grades are not passing back to my Canvas gradebook

If the grades from Savvas Realize are not syncing to you Canvas gradebook it could be due to the following reasons:

See below for more information on how to check to see if either issue applies to you. If you still have an issue please open both a Canvas support ticket and a Savvas support ticket.

The term has ended

If the term your class is associated to has ended, Canvas will stop syncing grades. 

You can check what term your course is tied to by opening up the course Settings and navigating to Term.

Number or submission attempts is limited

There are some Savvas assessments such as practice and homework assessments that allow students unlimited number of attempts. If you limit the number of attempts in the Canvas assignment, Canvas will reject student scores that exceed the limit set in Canvas. 

We recommend that you always set the number of attempts to Unlimited for all assignments. To learn more click here.