Buzz Teacher Guide

Learn how to find and add Savvas materials to your Buzz course.

Learn how to set the grade options and due date and how Savvas Realize uses these settings.

Learn how you to activate your Buzz section with Savvas Realize so that your students can begin working on their Savvas items.

Learn how students interact with Savvas assignments inside of Buzz.

Learn how to:

Build a course once and share it with teachers

The Savvas Realize integration with Buzz allows you to build a course with Savvas assignments once as a Base course and then to copy to teachers' individual course sections using Derivative courses.

In depth: How to add and manage specific Savvas items

Learn how create custom content in Savvas Realize My Library and then add the content into your Buzz course.

Learn the quickest way to find the full student edition eText and how to add it as a link into your Buzz course.