Step 3: Activate your Schoology section with Savvas Realize

In order to activate your course with Savvas Realize you will need to open any one Savvas item in your Schoology course by simply clicking on any one Savvas material (you only need to do this once, in every class section).

Step by step directions

To trigger the course activation with Savvas, open any one Savvas item in your course. 

Savvas Realize will prompt you to select the school your Schoology section belongs to.

Once you select the school, Savvas Realize will setup the corresponding class in Savvas Realize. 

You will then be shown the content preview of the item you selected.

You can click in the Launch Savvas Realize button to open your course in Savvas Realize. 

In Savvas Realize you can see the class created based on your Schoology section. All Schoology rostered classes end with "(LMS)" to denote it was rostered by Schoology. 

Important! Savvas employs "just-in-time" rostering and class assignment creation which allows you to manage your rosters in Schoology (and not require an SIS integration) and to copy and share Savvas assignments with others the Copy to Courses feature. This means:

Linked Sections

If you have a course with linked sections, you will need to activate each section by following the steps above for each section in your course.

From any Savvas item in your course, for each Section in the drop down, select the school associated to your section.

Important: Co-teachers still need to log into an assignment even if the primary teacher completes the Schoology class section process.