How students complete Savvas assignments in Schoology

Student learning is simplified when students can access all of their assignments from one place. In this tutorial we will show you how easy it is for students complete Savvas assignments right within Schoology. We will also show you how students can launch from Schoology into Savvas Realize to access additional resources.

Step by step directions

Students completing Savvas assignments in Schoology

Students access all of their Savvas assignments from Schoology.

Students open and complete Savvas assignments from within their Schoology course.

If you or your students get a the following message:

Hang tight!
Your teacher must set up your class in Realize

All you need to do is open any Savvas assignment from your Schoology course just once. This will prompt Savvas to create your class in Savvas Realize which must be done by the teacher.

Students complete their assignments and turn in their assignments from within their Schoology course.

Savvas Realize passes scores back to Schoology and students can see their grades in Schoology.

Student launching into Savvas Realize

Students have the option to launch into their class in Savvas Realize by clicking on the Launch Savvas Realize button.

Students can see the assignments they started in Schoology in their Savvas Realize class. They can also their eText and Tools.

Students have the option to navigate to Browse page and access the full Savvas program.