How to share content using Schoology Resources

Savvas built the integration with Schoology so that you can build a lesson or course once and share it with other teachers in your district using Schoology Resources. 

In this tutorial we show you how to add content from your course to Schoology Resources to share with other teachers. We then show how a teacher can copy content in Schoology Resources into their own course.

How to add Savvas content to Schoology Resources

First you will need to build your Savvas content within a Schoology course. 

Once you have built out your content, you can share the content by simply clicking on the gear icon and selecting Save to Resources.

Select the collection you want to save the content to. In the example below, the content is being save to the Snowbird school collection. Next, click Save Copy

Navigate to the Resources tab and select the collection you saved the content to. You will now see the content you saved to Resources.

How to add content from Resources into your course

Now that there is content in Schoology Resources, other teachers can now find and add the content you shared in Resources.

To add content from Resources to a course, click Add Materials and select Import from Resources.

You will be brought to the Resources tab. Navigate to the collection that has the content you want to add to your course.

Check the items you want to add and then select Edit and Add to Course.

Select the course(s) you want to add the content to and then select Add.

Navigate back to your course. You will now see the content you selected from Resources added to your course.

Open any one Savvas item to verify the content opens correctly and to make sure activated the section with Savvas Realize.

Important! Make sure you enable grading

When you import content from Schoology Resources, Schoology sets the enable grading off. You will need to re-enable grading on each Savvas item you want grade pass back. 

Click on the settings icon and select Edit.

Check Enable Grading to turn on the grade pass back. If you want the grades to appear in your gradebook make sure you choose a grading Category.

Important! You must open any one Savvas item to initiate the class activation in Savvas Realize.

When you open a Savvas item for the very first time in the Schoology section, Savvas Realize will ask you to identify the school your class belongs to. Once you select the school and click Select, Savvas Realize will create a corresponding class inside of Savvas Realize.

Your section is now activated and students can begin working on their Savvas assignments within Schoology.